Kendyl Klein


Kendyl Klein is experienced in digital and social media content strategy, audience development, and client services. 

She is a Senior Analyst & Creative Strategist at Fullscreen Media, where she works to translate audience insights & analytics into creative briefs to craft data driven stories - that help strengthen sales, among many things. Kendyl is extremely adapt at performing deep audience & vertical-specific research which allows her to stay ahead of industry trends and shape the brand voice for clients. 

She has developed marketing and social media / video strategies for major brands and clients including The Grand Ol Oprey, Toyota, and Cycle House. 

With a passion for social media, technology, and women's body issues, Kendyl is a very talented writer and editor, with her work recently appearing in The Washington Post, Elle Magazine, and Cosmopolitan. Kendyl lives and works in Los Angeles. In her next life (or perhaps later in this one) she is a DJ.