Jessica Day

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Jessica Day serves as Co-Founder & VP of Marketing & Communications at IdeaScale, the world's largest idea management platform with over 4.5 million users. 

To date, some of her clients have included Citrix, Marriott, NASA, IKEA, The NYPD, and many others. She has had the privilege to work with numerous large-scale brands to articulate their innovation success stories and organize large sets of data into management narratives for positive change. 

Prior to IdeaScale, Jessica was Marketing & Brand Coordinator for Ascension where she developed brand content and language, while also having spent time working for Amazon. 

She is deeply skilled and experienced in marketing, content strategy, communications and writing. A digital expert, she helps bring brands and vision to life.

Jessica is a Climate Reality Leader, living and working in Berkeley, CA. She holds a MFA in English, Creative Writing.