Hi. We are MAG.

MAG2 copy.jpg

If you are reading this, perhaps we’ve already met. Maybe we met at one of our networking events, maybe you are one of our beloved clients, or maybe you are one of our amazing members, contributors, or just a good friend. And if we haven’t met and you have found yourself here, welcome.

Since officially launching last August, many have asked me what MAG is and what it stands for. We are a membership organization comprised of experts, thought-leaders, and creators who provide branding, marketing, design, and strategy work to companies of all sizes. And while yes, we help clients magnify, accelerate, and generate true social impact, MAG also has a deeper meaning.

MAG are the initials of my mom, Michele Ann Garson, who we tragically lost to cancer in 2014. Today, May 20th, would have been her 65th birthday.

She was the ultimate connector - she loved bringing people together, going out of her way to help & serve others, and spending time with friends, clients, and family (many of whom she considered all of the above). And that’s what MAG embodies - bringing the right people together to service and help amazing companies while building a brighter future, together.

After launching last fall, we have gained some exciting momentum - we now have 16 extremely talented members spread out across the country (and soon to be internationally), our clients have ranged from local community nonprofits to some of the worlds biggest and most recognizable brands. And we are just getting started.

Take some time today to embody MAG and give a friend, family member, or colleague a call / text / email and ask how they are doing, check in on them, let them know you are thinking of them.

We are thankful for you and the role you have played in what we have been able to accomplish to date, and are excited for what is yet to come.


Zach Weismann