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MAG Impact Collective is a membership group of high-level, experienced leaders in branding, marketing, design, and organizational strategy - all passionate and experienced in driving social impact.

We provide a closed network of professionals who serve clients, make up a vibrant community, and who have wonderful backgrounds working with everyone from the worlds most influential organizations to rural community members.

We work together & collaborate on projects to help our clients achieve their goals while delivering social impact locally, nationally, and globally.

We Magnify your brand, Accelerate progress, & Generate social impact.

When thought-leaders, experts, and do-ers come together to work with incredible organizations and individuals, we are able to create true, lasting positive social impact - in a more transparent, honest, and effective manner.


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Our Team

More effective than a traditional Agency, more cohesive than online freelancers. The “unagency.”

Our unique model allows us to bring greater expertise to each client at truer costs, to help organizations solve their most pressing problems through transparent, open & honest collaboration. Without all the agency “stuff.”

Our Services

Our work is about driving social impact by matching the right team to the right client at the right time.

We help clients build brands, launch campaigns, create social impact, tell their story, develop effective leadership, find monitor and evaluate partnerships, design the future, and much more.

Our Work

We work together on projects through our vetted member network - leveraging our collective experience & expertise.

We've worked with F500s, healthcare institutions, start-ups, individuals, NGOs, Foundations - from around the world. Our members have won awards, spoken on international stages, and been recognized as leaders.


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